Pins and Needles

Appointment #2 yesterday, but this time I used a lidocaine cream before going. Lidocaine numbs the skin, and I wanted to numb my lip. Because, you know, electrolysis.

Maybe it was slightly better? I don’t know. Torture is torture. The lidocaine is 5%, the maximum strength you can get over the counter, but it seemed to make the process 0% less horrible.

If anything, it was worse this time. I’m pretty sure that’s because she was working the middle part of my upper lip which is tres sensitive if you feel me. Those hairs right along the lip line. Lord have mercy. And the session was an hour. Fifteen minutes longer than the first.

But again, eyes on the prize. Only 75 or so more one-hour appointments to go!


The effect though, after all the misery, is pretty stunning. My electrolysis-er, Courtney, is focusing on the black hairs first, so not seeing them there is strange and wonderful. Even after a close shave, the little black dots were always there, and they are a bitch to cover up, am I right?

So I have to ride through the pain and stay focused on the other side of the mountain, as Ayin says.

If this looks horrifying, it’s because it is.


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  1. Hang in there. You can do this. You’re the strongest person I know, but I’m sure it’s fucking painful as all that is evil in hell. Sorry 🙁

    I love you.

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