Ladies and Gentlemen

I took my partner to the car dealership to get some warranty work done. While we were there I had to pee, and I saw a “Restrooms” sign, so I almost said, “I’m going to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”

But then I thought, “Oh shit, is that going to be a thing now?” So I waited until we got home.

This is life now, I guess.

“I wonder what Jackie Kennedy is doing right now…?”



  1. People are so concerned about trans women in bathrooms but what would they do if a trans man who completely “passes” came in to womens’ toilets? They’d freak the fuck out! And then any cis dude, looking full dude, could go into the womens’ toilets and claim they’re AFAB.

    • I’ll never understand the bathroom “issue.” I understand that it gives me anxiety when I’m out in the world. Maybe that’s their point. It’s puritanical and idiotic anyway, separating bathrooms. They claim all this is about rape, or potential rape or assault. But there’s an easy solution to that non-problem: MEN, STOP RAPING WOMEN. But no, the poor men can’t help themselves. A glimpse of an ankle turns them into rape machines. Poor men.

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